Building connected & inclusive workplace communities

Take action to empower teams and build high performance cultures based on next generation analytics.

What we do

VorteXplore helps you to achieve real change by tapping into the behaviours and culture of your organisation. We provide hyper-personalised organisational insights, identifying vulnerabilities and opportunities to improve.

Not an ordinary survey

The culture and performance game has changed far beyond routine staff surveys and informal feedback conversations with staff. Our advanced media and AI capture authentic team reactions and dynamics. We translate deep behavioural insights into practical opportunities to strengthen your people strategies.

Why VorteXplore?

  • Expert-led analytics

    Insight based on deep behavioral research. Founded by data & HR experts.

  • People-powered AI

    We provided the tools. HR drive the change. Our proprietary predictive algorithm allows you to intervene before problems arise.

  • Personalised & contextualised

    Bespoke service tailored to your company values. Agile content and tracking to keep you connected to your people's current needs.

  • Data protection & anonymity

    Team & organisation-level mapping: No names, no personal identifiers. Data security is a top priority.

Empower your teams to thrive

A healthy & inclusive culture is at the foundation of world class